Wednesday, 10 June 2020

Google is coming new navigation feature in Your Google Map in 2020


Now Google will tell you how you can stay safe in Covid-19. As many changes have been made in the past, like Conferencing app, Maps and many updates have been made in the Mail, let us tell you that Google is now bringing a similar alert feature. You will also know this by the name of the alert feature. 


New Features Update in Google Map. 

Google Map will tell you about the road closure due to congested public transportation and lock down. This feature will tell you about the checkpoint of Covid-19 while traveling through personal and public vehicles and also recommend wearing masks. How can you keep safe during Covid-19 ?

Google Map will also help you find out how much congestion is there at the station and whether the train or bus is running on its scheduled time, the company has said that it was first started in Mexico and America.

 Soon this feature is going to be available in India and other countries, you will be able to take advantage of the new changes in Google Maps in your Android smartphone and ios.

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